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Used timber semi-trailers for Sale

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  • Pitts 40 X 102, 1997, Timber semi-trailers

    Pitts 40 X 102

    Timber semi-trailers
    United States, Savannah, TN

    14,625 NZD
  • Pitts 45 X 96, 1995, Timber semi-trailers

    Pitts 45 X 96

    Timber semi-trailers
    United States, Hazleton, PA

    18,281 NZD
  • Alloy TF-18, 1970, Timber semi-trailers

    Alloy TF-18

    Timber semi-trailers
    United States, Spokane, WA

    7,020 NZD
  • Peerless Log Trailer, 1980, Timber semi-trailers

    Peerless Log Trailer

    Timber semi-trailers
    United States, Bend, OR

    9,068 NZD
  • White 37x96, 1978, Timber semi-trailers

    White 37x96Front tyres remaining: 20%%, Condition Grade (1 low to 5 high): 4, Front tyre size: 10.00x20

    Timber semi-trailers
    United States, Wilmington, NC

    10,238 NZD
  • Pitts LT-40, 2015, Timber semi-trailers

    Pitts LT-40

    Timber semi-trailers
    United States, Savannah, TN

    28,519 NZD
  •  CUSTOM BUILT 42 X 96, 1994, Timber semi-trailers

    CUSTOM BUILT 42 X 96

    Timber semi-trailers
    United States, Savannah, TN

    14,259 NZD
  •  savannah 40, 2002, Timber semi-trailers

    savannah 40

    Timber semi-trailers
    United States, Savannah, TN

    12,797 NZD
  •  亚隆 lyl9403ccy, 2017, Timber semi-trailers

    亚隆 lyl9403ccyCondition Grade (1 low to 5 high): 5, Wheelbase: 6550*1310*1310, Max. payload: 40000, Gross weight: 15000, Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 12850*1340*2400, Vehicle's outer dimensions: 13000*2500*3600

    Timber semi-trailers
    China, 山东

    14,806 NZD
  • Promoted
     Schwarzmuller d, 2007, Timber semi-trailers

    Schwarzmuller dLast Inspection Time: 2017-01, Condition Grade (1 low to 5 high): 5, Amount of previous owners: 1, Registration year: 2007-01, Axle type: 3, Max. payload: 26000, Gross weight: 32000, Brakes: būgnai, Suspension type: Parabolic-air, Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 13 6/2 55/4 , Guarantee: 12 men, Tyre brand: michelin

    Timber semi-trailers
    Lithuania, taurage

    10,310 NZD
  • Robinson TImber Trailer, 2014, Timber semi-trailers

    Robinson TImber TrailerCondition Grade (1 low to 5 high): 5, Amount of previous owners: 0, Registration year: 2013, Axle type: 3, Body options: Bunk adjustment Drum brakes Disc brakes

    Timber semi-trailers
    Ireland, Ireland

  • Benalu TIMMER LINK, 2017, Timber semi-trailers

    Benalu TIMMER LINKCondition Grade (1 low to 5 high): 5, Amount of previous owners: 0, Rear tyres remaining : 100%, Registration year: NYA, Axle type: 2, Rear tyre size: 435/50 R22 5 , Max. payload: 31700, Gross weight: 35000, Brakes: WABCO EBS, Suspension type: Air-air, Vehicle's outer dimensions: 10 6

    Timber semi-trailers

  • Schmitz Cargobull Timber transporter, 2000, Timber semi-trailers

    Schmitz Cargobull Timber transporterMax. payload: 27200, Gross weight: 39000, Suspension type: Air-air, Colour: sonstige, Body options: ABS

    Timber semi-trailers

    7,904 NZD
  • Kaiser Non spécifié, 2008, Timber semi-trailers

    Kaiser Non spécifié

    Timber semi-trailers
    France, grand couronne

    20,620 NZD
  • Panav woodtransporter, vin 485, 2014, Timber semi-trailers

    Panav woodtransporter, vin 485Registration year: 2014-01, Axle type: 3, Body options: Disc brakes

    Timber semi-trailers
    Slovak Republic

    30,758 NZD
  • Legras 11M000 LOGGING (4 units), Timber semi-trailers

    Legras 11M000 LOGGING (4 units)Axle type: 2, Rear tyre size: 1200R24, Suspension type: Leaf-leaf, Vehicle's outer dimensions: 111 00 x 25 00 x 16 , Colour: Blauw

    Timber semi-trailers

    Netherlands, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel, Nederland

  • Wellmeyer Typ: SPA35/125LH, 2004, Timber semi-trailers

    Wellmeyer Typ: SPA35/125LHFront tyres remaining: 30%, Condition Grade (1 low to 5 high): 3, Amount of previous owners: 1, Rear tyres remaining : 60%, Registration year: 04.06.2004, Axle type: 3, Front tyre size: 385/65 R22.5, Rear tyre size: 385/65 R22.5, Max. payload: 35000, Suspension type: Air-air, Vehicle's outer dimensions: Länge 12 6 , Colour: Grün, Production country: DE

    Timber semi-trailers
    Germany, Bad Belzig

    14,606 NZD
  • Faymonville Holz auflieger / ausziehbar, 1996, Timber semi-trailers

    Faymonville Holz auflieger / ausziehbarRegistration year: 1996-04, Axle type: 2, Max. payload: 26000, Gross weight: 34000, Suspension type: Air-air, Body options: ABS

    Timber semi-trailers

  • Ebert KHS 32, Timber semi-trailers

    Ebert KHS32 Kurzholzsattel - gelenktAxle type: 2, Max. payload: 25180, Gross weight: 32000, Suspension type: Air-air, Body options: ABS

    Timber semi-trailers


    99,472 NZD
  • Fliegl SDS 380 für Holztransport, Timber semi-trailers

    Fliegl SDS 380 für HolztransportAxle type: 3, Max. payload: 31300, Gross weight: 38000, Suspension type: Air-air, Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 12000x0x0, Vehicle's outer dimensions: 0x2550x12200, Body options: ABS EBS

    Timber semi-trailers


    64,436 NZD

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